Our research is featured in Sage Journals’ Social Science Computer Review

  • "Social Media Risks and Benefits: A Public Sector Perspective" applies our model to South Korea
  • A strong social media strategy can enable governments to be more open, transparent, and accountable

When it comes to cutting edge research on the societal impacts of information and communications technology, social scientists and public sector leaders turn to Sage Journals’ Social Science Computer Review.

Tahseen Consulting is honored to have its framework for public sector social media adoption highlighted as a potential model for Korean public sector entities to leverage social media in efforts to make government more open, transparent, and accountable in the article Social Media Risks and Benefits: A Public Sector Perspective.

Our Arab Public Sector Social Media Engagement Model

Our analysis of Arab public sector social media engagement found that existing generalized evolutionary models of e-government and open government offer poor prescriptive roadmaps for increased use of public sector social media use in the Arab region.

As shown in the table reproduced from the article below, Tahseen Consulting’s social media based engagement model is the only empirically derived adoption model based on public sector social media activity in the Arab World.

Social Media–Based
Government Model
Description Sources
Social media–based adoption and engagement Consists of three stages for social media engagement, moving from one-way communication stage to service delivery and accessibility stage Schwalje and Aradi (2013)
Open government
maturity model
Consists of five levels of social media maturity, suggesting practitioners to achieve one level at a time Lee and Kwak (2012)
Social media
utilization model
Consists of three stages of utilization for citizen’s engagement in social media starting from Stage 1 (information socialization) and moving to Stage 3 (social transaction) Khan (2013)
Adoption process
for social media
Consists of three stages social media adoption process, evolving from informally experimentation to wide form of communication medium involving strategy and policies for social media use Mergel and Bretschneider (2013)

Source: Reproduced from Khan, G. F., Swar, B., & Lee, S. K. (2014). Social Media Risks and Benefits: A Public Sector Perspective. Social Science Computer Review. doi: 10.1177/0894439314524701 available at http://ssc.sagepub.com/content/early/2014/03/26/0894439314524701.abstract.