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Case study

Identifying workforce deficiencies in the oil and gas sector to inform a workforce indigenization strategy

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Devising a strategy to reduce reliance on imported skills

We were asked by a national committee formed to indigenize the oil and gas workforce to help them identify and address national workforce skills deficiencies. Indigenizing the workforce is critical to supporting rapid sectoral growth and future-proofing the significant investments being made in energy infrastructure.

Recognizing institutional and market failures

We identified sources of market and institutional failure in the skills formation system that could serve as points of intervention for sectoral workforce development initiatives. Identifying these points of failure was critical to addressing the root causes of systemic skills gaps and shortages in the workforce requiring imported labor.

Identifying skills gaps for data-driven decision making

We facilitated focus groups to identify causes, socio-cultural issues, remediation measures, impacts, and approaches to resolve skills deficiencies. We also developed and deployed a skills survey on behalf of a national committee formed to indigenize the oil and gas workforce to guide their work and establish progress milestones.

Linking workforce growth to national development

We uncovered several failures in the skills ecosystem to address in national development planning. A range of recommendations was forwarded including educational policies to keep pace with technological developments, gathering ongoing information on skills trends, certifying skills acquired in on the job training, and strategies to enable individuals to better assess the future value of skills investments.


Together, in partnership with public and private stakeholders, we developed and prioritized several workforce development strategies in a national strategy for oil and gas sector workforce indigenization. This included a range of initiatives such as a government training levy-grant scheme, training subsidies to ease public to private sector transitions, targeted scholarships and internships, and funding for new institutions and academic programs to fill critical workforce skills shortages and gaps.