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Enter, disrupt, scale, repeat

Our Government Relations practice helps startups and global tech firms navigate the MENA+ business and regulatory environment.

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Monitor and explore market opportunities

Decided the MENA+ is too big of an opportunity to ignore?

We assist startups, unicorns, and Big Tech in accessing growing MENA markets through policy-led approaches. We provide clients the policy and political context to identify opportunities, get ahead of issues, and mitigate risks.

We Help
  • Identify licensing requirements
  • Map stakeholders for frictionless market access
  • Identify and approach anchor clients
  • Analyze legacy regulations for policy engagement
  • Monitor political, economic, and regulatory developments and risks


An interim operating solution to launch a disruptive tech

Disrupting an industry or creating a new industry?

We assist startups, unicorns, and Big Tech in developing relationships with government and taking on entrenched interests. We work with clients and governments to find interim operating solutions to open discussions on permanent regulatory frameworks for business models that exist in grey areas, unregulated sectors, new industries, or which challenge highly-regulated industries.

We Help
  • Engage policymakers to cooperate on regulations / deescalate enforcement
  • Build evidence base to challenge unfavorable regulations and adopt new regulations
  • Identify themes to form relationships with regulators and show market commitment
  • Build political will and stakeholder support for multi-sector regulatory consultative committees
  • Facilitate discussions with anchor clients for market access / to counter entrenched interests
Influence and shape new regulations for a disruptive tech

Need to remove barriers to scale at full speed?

We assist startups, unicorns, and Big Tech in building consensus for new regulations and changing outdated regulations. We work with clients to conduct policy pilots, gain consensus on new/enhanced regulations, and to leverage regional policy competition to their advantage.

We Help
  • Implement policy pilots to smooth market entry and co-develop model regulations
  • Develop and review regulations to proactively shape discussions and highlight red lines
  • Neutralize entrenched interests through government partnerships, BD, and alliances
  • Leverage policy competition to make progress on sticking points and set regulatory precedents
  • Synthesize international and regional regulatory best practices to guide discussions
Refine regulations to remove barriers to scale

Made progress on the law but stuck at the executive regulations?

We assist regional startups, unicorns, and Big Tech in addressing the small details related to enforcement found in executive regulations. We are well known for our work alongside some of the most recognized brands in the tech industry in taming the devil in the details on issues ranging from data sovereignty to smaller bureaucratic complications that erode user and industry trust and slow growth and scaling.

We Help
  • Develop model regulations and review drafts to shape discussions and highlight red lines
  • Integrate future products into regulations to create a path to scale-up and product extension
  • Work with researchers / internal teams to use socioeconomic impact in regulatory talks
  • Form partnerships with government and allies to show market commitment and localized impact
  • Escalate sticking points at the Prime Minister / President / Minister levels and in parliaments
Take over the MENA+ and world with no barriers

Ready to take on the world?

We have unmatched expertise in working with clients to scale their operations across the MENA and globally in the run up to IPOs, raising their next round, and conquering the world. Many of our MENA engagements have been embraced as global internal best practices for effectively engaging governments at some of the biggest and fastest growing tech companies in the world, from Silicon Valley, to India and China, and many of the emerging tech hubs in between.

We Help
  • Scale policy pilots with government, social sector, and international organizations
  • Form cross-ministerial / sectoral committees for regulatory reforms and tech pilots
  • Synthesize good practice from government partnerships and regulatory cooperation that can be leveraged as best practices in other counties
  • Utilize international exposure from scale-up and regulatory cooperation to revisit laws and executive regulations