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Let's work together on

  • Developing a more proactive public policy strategy
  • Solving an urgent policy problem you have
  • A regulatory structure for an entirely new industry
  • Taking on entrenched interests stifling innovation

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Regulators and Key Policy Stakeholders

Ministry of Technology and Communications (Information Technology Authority)

Ministry responsible for implementing national IT infrastructure projects, supervising the implementation of the Digital Oman Strategy, and providing professional leadership to various other e-Governance initiatives in the Sultanate.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Established to liberalize and promote telecommunications services in Oman and ensure availability of technologies.

The Research Council

Oversees research and development strategy and innovation policy.

Oman Technology Fund

Development fund focusing on emerging technologies and innovation in the technology sector.

Advanced Cybersecurity Academy

Government-funded initiative that trains public and private organizations to defend against cyber attacks.


Established as a financially and administratively autonomous institution under the government to strengthen the development of small and medium enterprises in the economy.

Ministry of Information (Injaz)

Directs internal and external media toward development of a contemporary Omani state with smart media services.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Works to develop commerce, industry, intellectual property, and services sectors through development of of legislation, policies, and services.

Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Analyzes cyber risks and security threats to inform public and private institutions, technical information outlets, and individuals to strengthen government eServices.

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Facilitates the country's infrastructure and communications through maintenance of transport, logistics, and telecommunication services.

National ICT Policies

Oman Vision 2040

A government-led initiative for the future of Oman including economic, legal, social, and cultural goals to improve the country's education and healthcare systems, sustainable development, and governance network.

National Strategy for the Omani Digital Society and eGovernment

Seeks to transform Oman into a sustainable knowledge-based economy by improving human resources and adopting new technologies in the areas of IT industry development, individual and societal progress, and eGovernment services.

Oman eGovernment Architecture Framework (OeGAF)

Developed by ITA, provides a framework to actualize goals of eOman strategy related to the digitization of government services. Directs the selection, implementation, and operation of technologies needed to support government entities and the delivery of their services.

Digital Economy regulations

E-Commerce Laws

Legalizes the use and ensures the validity of electronic transactions.

Safeguards digital payments and grants the Central Bank of Oman supervision over transactions.

Cyber Security Laws

Aims to deter cyber crime and the use of ICT in a negative way by stating penalties for various crimes.

Establishes the Cyber Defence Centre under the Internal Security Service.

Online Content Laws

Authorizes the government to censor publications deemed politically, culturally, or sexually offensive.

Licenses and regulates the telecommunications section in Oman and establishes the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to preside over sector. 

Data Privacy Laws

Ensures government entities and entities handling sensitive government data have a reliable and secure web presence. Includes requirements for cloud hosting and data protection pertaining to Government data.

Assists government entities in classifying their data and information systems.

Emerging Tech Laws

Outlines implementation and service models for the adoption of cloud computing specifically relevant to government agencies.