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Case study

Restructuring a Prime Minister's office

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Strengthening the government's capacity to deliver on key priorities

We were asked to develop a center of government to enable the Prime Minister’s Office to steer government policy, measure performance, reform state institutions, and more effectively deliver on key government priorities.

Defining a mandate and organizational structure

We benchmarked center of government delivery units in a range of countries to develop a locally contextualized organizational structure and institutional mandate. This involved establishing structures and processes for establishing the direction of policy, gauging progress, supporting service delivery, and enhancing communication within the cabinet.

Re-calibrating interaction with ministries and partners

The resultant Prime Minister’s Delivery Office was structured and staffed to introduce a culture of commitment and joint responsibility in delivering on policy priorities ranging from educational policy to law enforcement reform. The Delivery Office worked across the government by engaging stakeholders to develop delivery plans, establish stakeholder buy-in, and ensure regular updates were sent to the Prime Minister.

Developing the evidence base to guide delivery

Previously, important government objectives and priorities were not systematically monitored. With the imperative of making accelerated progress the country’s national vision, monitoring and evaluation via quarterly and yearly reviews provided all stakeholders with a whole-picture perspective. This was key to removing obstacles, improving coordination, obtaining timely information, and fundamentally creating a results-driven culture.


The Delivery Office drove faster implementation of select national priorities and enabled the transparent and collaborative delivery of near-term results through a structured approach to planning for implementation and execution. The Delivery Office continues to work across the government to drive performance by:

  • Signaling top priorities of the Prime Minister
  • Assessing and reporting on government performance
  • Providing analytical support to overcome delivery challenges
  • Establishing relationships with the private sector and civil society