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Case study

Leading visioning labs for the development of a national vision in an Arab post-conflict country

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Developing a plan forward for a post-conflict country

We were asked to develop a contextualized sustainable development methodology to develop a national vision to guide post-conflict healing and reconstruction.

Understanding how approaches to national visions differ

We analyzed the structure and implementation of national visions globally to understand their applicability to post-conflict settings and how implementation for rapid transformation in an environment with weak institutions could be achieved.

Convening sectoral expert groups to encourage cooperation on practical, near-term solutions

We established issue-focused working groups to address key development challenges and identify broad directions towards a stable, democratic, and prosperous nation.

Developing an online citizen portal to increase community-level engagement

We consolidated the strategic plans of all government institutions on a unified national portal. The portal allowed citizens to engage with the government through social media as well as suggest community-based initiatives for implementation.


We developed the country’s first post-Revolution national development vision that comprehensively outlines the development agenda, policies, strategies, programs and projects to be achieved over a six year period. With sectoral experts, we identified and prioritized 16 development themes concerning peace and security, human development, economic development, and public reform. We then developed detailed project-level implementation plans which enabled the national vision to be translated into action and its progress to be monitored.