Where MENA ridesharing firms will find their next 10 million users

  • In the future, ridesharing competition in the Arab region will focused in more diverse countries currently dominated by local startups
  • Iran, which currently has 3.5 million ridesharing users, is tipped to be the newest hotspot for innovative ridesharing firms

In this Insights at the Edge of Government Analysis Flash, we look at regional expansion opportunities for MENA ridesharing firms. There are an estimated 10 million + ridesharing users in the wider MENA region now with ridesharing firms, as we have written about before, providing economic opportunities for nearly 500,000 individuals.


We looked into the potential countries where MENA ridesharing firms are likely to secure the next million 10 million + users. With more than 3.5 million ridesharing users, Iran may become a particular focus. A renewed focus on some of the large North African markets and more intense focus on some of GCC markets, such as Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, which have moved slower on embracing the sharing economy, is also likely. 

We are starting to see MENA ridesharing firms deploying their technologies in a broader range of use cases involving food delivery and courier services.