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Case study

Removing regulatory barriers to ridesharing and creating 500,000+ economic opportunities

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Taking on entrenched interests trying to stifle innovation and competition

A global ridesharing company asked us to develop a regional regulatory framework for the emerging sharing economy and challenge legacy regulations slowing the growth of ridesharing.

Becoming part of the solution

We aligned the client’s market presence with national development priorities such as mobility, economic opportunity generation, and micro entrepreneurship.

Transitioning from being regulated to partnering

This partnership driven approach changed the client’s relationship with operator partners and transitioned its relationship with the government from a regulator-regulatee dynamic towards a partnership dynamic.

Regulatory competition will decide the leaders of the 4IR

We exposed competitiveness gaps relative to key global benchmarks to build government support for regulatory modernization.


New, modern regulations for ridesharing were enacted in several countries which have created significant economic opportunities, catalyzed social change, and paved the way for the growth of other sharing economy companies.

Workable, progressive regulations
500,000+ economic opportunities

Workable, progressive regulations

The Egyptian Parliament passed one of the region’s first ridesharing laws. The law legalizes the activity of ridesharing technology companies, removes barriers to flexible earning opportunities for thousands of Egyptians, and eliminates legacy barriers that shielded industry incumbents from competition. Thsi was followed by several other countries in the MENA also adopting ridesharing regulations.


500,000+ economic opportunities

Securing a favorable path to regulating ridesharing has resulted in over 500,000 economic opportunities so far. This includes more than 200,000 economic opportunities in Saudi Arabia, 150,000 in Egypt, 60,000 in Pakistan, and thousands of opportunities in Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates