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Case study

Building an $18mn public-private partnership between a global tech company and government institution

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Finding a win-win partnership

We were asked by a government entity to support the establishment of a public-private partnership with one of the top 10 largest tech companies in the world. Finding a win-win relationship would involve securing buy-in from a range of leaders at the highest levels of government and within the company.

Focusing partnership discussions

We worked together with the client and partner and attained feedback from key government leaders to develop a proposal. By nurturing a positive tenor within the negotiations, we helped strengthen the relationship and build trust between the partners and enabled a highly targeted scope of cooperation.

Gaining high-level approval

We supported a high-level meeting between the client’s Chief Executive Officer and the head of state of an Arab country to sign a highly publicized memorandum of understanding. The memorandum solidified what was one of the largest public-private partnerships ever signed in the country.

Moving from MoU to execution

To transform words into action, we convened a working group with both parties to formalize the focus of the partnership, outline key milestones, and agree on commercial terms. A strong focus on ensuring value for money directed us towards identifying resource-intensive business processes that could be automated through the partnership.


The partnership led to an $18 million multi-year agreement - the largest contract ever signed in the region by the technology company. The public-private partnership gained global media exposure and built the foundation for a long-term relationship which has resulted in subsequent commercial and philanthropic cooperation between the partners.