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Case study

Supporting an industry association in advocating for reforms to increase sector growth and competitiveness

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Articulating a need for change

We were asked by a national industry association to develop a progressive, future-oriented manifesto for sectoral reform and align its strategies and programs to achieve the vision. This involved an in-depth study of the current state of the industry in the country to establish a baseline for engaging with major government stakeholders and influential industry members on key industry challenges and potential solutions.

Identifying challenges and co-developing solutions

We worked with key government stakeholders and influential industry members to identify pressing industry challenges and devise specific regulatory reform proposals the industry association could champion to promote growth and increase competitiveness. The results of these consultations were used to develop an industry manifesto to gain join commitment from sector stakeholders and the government on working towards a common vision of the future.

Aligning industry and government priorities

The industry manifesto facilitated dialogue between the industry association and public sector stakeholders, like the Ministries of Economy and Interior, and expedited government action by demonstrating how sector reforms support government socio-economic development priorities.

Refreshing the industry association’s mandate

After gaining stakeholder buy-in for the industry manifesto, we worked with the industry association to align its organizational mandate and programs with industry challenges in partnership with members and government. This involved a full-scale organizational review to recommend potential changes to its mission, vision, and objectives, assess the relevance of existing programming, and to prioritize both pre-existing and new initiatives to develop a renewed strategic plan.


The development of the industry manifesto catalyzed a process of organizational realignment which reasserted the industry association’s role as the national voice of the sector. Straightening the association’s priorities and programs around the industry manifesto will ensure critical industry reforms continue to remain on the agenda of government stakeholders while also enabling the association to tap into international capacity development assistance from its peers.