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Case study

Analyzing the impact of e-government services on the lives of GCC citizens

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Understanding the impact of e-government on governance

We were asked to conduct an in-depth analysis to determine the extent to which Apps and internet-based content and services are being used by GCC countries to improve government service delivery, citizen accountability, and transparency.

Synthesizing and learning from good practice

We looked at several factors including the sufficiency of investments in infrastructure and citizens skills, adequacy of government-provided ICT content and services, and the extent to which citizens enjoy rights to information, opinion, expression, safety, and privacy.

Benchmarking the GCC against the OECD for a transformation roadmap

We benchmarked GCC e-Government service delivery against the OECD to better understand opportunities for improvement for country-level digital transformation roadmaps and technology policy recommendations.

Pinpointing opportunities for targeted enhancement of e-government initiatives

Our analysis revealed a range of common regional challenges and opportunities for enhancement. For example, we found little use technology to improve healthcare and education, regulatory gaps in laws preventing online violence and harassment, and underdeveloped right to information and privacy protection regulations.


Based on the findings, we developed a GCC policy agenda to support countries in addressing e-government shortfalls and opportunities for enhancement. Our work was featured in a report of the influential Open Data Institute and became the baseline for a series of workshops to implement the recommendations.