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Education and National Skills Systems
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Our Thinking

How Skills Surveys Can More Effectively Identify Workforce Skills Gaps
Through a multicountry review of skills surveys, we propose an alternative approach to establishment skills surveys that can play a more effective role in determining how workforce skills influence achievement of firm business objectives in the Arab World.
Using Social Networking for Change
We see IT as an important enabler for regional development, and we have worked with global technology leaders such as Intel and Microsoft to deepen the impact of regional development programs leveraging technology.
A Regional Institution for Improving the Quality of Education
There are many opportunities for synergies through cooperation between regional education quality programs as well as clear areas of overlap which can benefit from consolidation.
Using Awards Effectively for Social Change
Many award programs in the region focus on large monetary sums to award best practices. We argue that money is not enough, and award programs should reinforce social change through knowledge diffusion, network building initiatives, and follow on training to maximize social impact.
Increasing Female Labor Market Participation With Scholarships
In several countries in the Arab World, women face significant obstacles to obtaining higher education and entering the workforce. We propose an e-Scholarships for Women Initiative to mitigate access, equality, and labor participation challenges.

and Planning

Walid Aradi
Chief Executive Officer
Dubai, UAE

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  • We offer a full range of strategy and planning capabilities to assist government organizations moving from strategies based on anecdote and gut feelings to strategies based on facts and analysis. For social sector organizations, we design demand-driven programming for lasting impact while factoring in sustainability, exit strategies, and stakeholder buy-in. We also assist companies in aligning their social strategies to their business strategies.

    Our Capabilities

    Mission and Vision Development
    • Establishing and communicating mission and vision statements

    • Informing and articulating institutional mandates which are consistent with national visions, development strategies, policies, and other international protocols
    Strategic Planning
    • Developing the underlying analysis and evidence to help organizations and leaders agree on approaches to achieving organizational goals

    • Supporting the development of sector strategies and project portfolios and deciding which strategic focus areas and projects offer the greatest impact

    • Developing a shared view about where organizations are now, assessing the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, external environment, and available opportunities

    • Prioritizing and selecting individual initiatives and programs to ensure mission consistency, alignment with central government strategies, financial and legal feasibility, and incorporation of learnings from international best practice

    • Understanding and applying best practices from other regions to inform localized strategies
    Senior Leadership Effectiveness
    • Supporting new senior leaders with tools to develop their agenda and engage with the board

    • Helping senior leaders establish a shared view across their organizations of key issues and priorities for strategic execution
    Funding and Partnership Strategies
    • Defining and improving partnership, collaboration, and funding strategies including financial models and prioritizing focus areas for maximum impact
    • Developing governance structures that standardize procedures and guidelines across organizations and ministries to ensure impact, effective management, and productive board governance relationships

    • Assessing the effectiveness of existing governance approaches and structuring organizations to achieve objectives while engaging critical stakeholders
    Research, Policy Review, and Thought Leadership
    • Policy agenda setting, issue framing, and evidence-based analysis of the implications of policy development

    • CEO thought leadership and white papers

    • Framework building

    • Best practices, regional, industry, and political trends

    • Establishment of internal think tanks for policy planning and forming a longer term, strategic view of global trends of national interest
    Defining New Strategic Perspectives
    • Taking a forward-looking view of socio-economic trends and academic literature to develop ideas with the potential to impact strategy, increase sustainability, and maximize and diversify financial resources

  • Below are a few examples of our recent work:

    • Created a five-year organizational strategic plan for a regional government organization, involving over $300 million of projects, prioritized initiatives in an environment of budgetary uncertainty, and promoted cross-divisional cohesion to realize cost synergies
    • Provided strategic and fundraising counsel on the development of a 5-year strategic plan for an emergent NGO with operations in 16 countries and an annual budget of $2.43 million
    • Developed a unified governance structure that mainstreams procedures and guidelines across all federal government agencies to ensure government effectiveness. We worked across several government departments to determine workflow and approvals processes
    • Established a five person research department tasked with conducting gap analyses and benchmarking best practices across economic and social sectors, and performing multiple scenario plans to devise holistic policy recommendations
    • Reviewed and evaluated proposals spanning multiple ministries against several criteria, including alignment with federal government strategy, financial and legal feasibility, and international best practice