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Our Thinking

How Skills Surveys Can More Effectively Identify Workforce Skills Gaps
Through a multicountry review of skills surveys, we propose an alternative approach to establishment skills surveys that can play a more effective role in determining how workforce skills influence achievement of firm business objectives in the Arab World.
Using Social Networking for Change
We see IT as an important enabler for regional development, and we have worked with global technology leaders such as Intel and Microsoft to deepen the impact of regional development programs leveraging technology.
A Regional Institution for Improving the Quality of Education
There are many opportunities for synergies through cooperation between regional education quality programs as well as clear areas of overlap which can benefit from consolidation.
Using Awards Effectively for Social Change
Many award programs in the region focus on large monetary sums to award best practices. We argue that money is not enough, and award programs should reinforce social change through knowledge diffusion, network building initiatives, and follow on training to maximize social impact.
Increasing Female Labor Market Participation With Scholarships
In several countries in the Arab World, women face significant obstacles to obtaining higher education and entering the workforce. We propose an e-Scholarships for Women Initiative to mitigate access, equality, and labor participation challenges.

and Implementation

Walid Aradi
Chief Executive Officer
Dubai, UAE

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  • High expectations of government service delivery in the Arab World combined with pressures to deliver quickly frequently result in implementation failure or sub optimal impact. We work alongside government institutions to build personal capabilities as well as complement existing organizational capabilities towards execution excellence.

    Our Capabilities

    Program Development
    • Designing demand-driven, research-based programs that have meaningful and lasting change while incorporating scalability, sustainability, stakeholder buy in, and appropriate exit strategies

    • Designing programs to maximize long-term impact through robust performance monitoring plans and strategies

    • Evaluating demand and building the business case for new offerings
    Strategic Implementation
    • Defining processes and procedures that improve and ensure performance and impact through the creation of actionable implementation plans

    • Scaling programs in the Arab region, including expanding program focus, localizing offerings, and incorporating additional partners
    Major Project Feasibility and Support
    • Undertaking scoping studies and option assessment and developing business cases that will meet project objectives and maximize value for money
    Funding and Partnership Strategies
    • Defining and improving partnership, collaboration, and funding strategies including financial models and prioritizing focus areas for maximum impact
    Designing and Launching Institutions
    • Establishing institutional mandates, strategies, and processes for effective new institutions to drive socio-economic development
    Award Development
    • Designing regional award programs that reinforce and incent key socio-economic behaviors which are mission consistent, identify potential partners, highlight best practices, and associate organizations with thought leaders

    • Designing national and regional scholarship programs that align with national economic development strategies and target emerging growth industries
    Policy Development
    • Engaging ministries and operating units to ensure buy-in for new legislation and ensuring coordination and integration of policies with longer-term objectives

  • Below are a few examples of our recent work:

    • Conceptualized and implemented a $3 million social networking-based knowledge community which supported programming, automated resource-intensive, application based programs, and developed business intelligence for a private Arab foundation
    • Developed and implemented a partnership strategy for the establishment of a scholarship initiative to enroll students in the first accredited online business degree
    • Developed several award programs designed to elicit innovative ideas to development challenges and reinforce social and economic change such as:

    » An award program focused on identifying Arab individuals/institutions with innovative, new ideas, creative approaches, and promising solutions to regional development challenges for a Arab government entity
    » An award to recognize exceptional management performance to build management capacity and highlight innovative management best practices
    » A large value award on par with the Nobel prize specifically focused on the Arab region to award achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace.
    » A youth reading incentive program to encourage lifelong reading, reinforce reading in Arabic, and embed it as a core family value for an Arab government organization
    • Conceptualized and managed the launch of close to 50 programs and projects that were in line with the overall strategic plan of our clients. Some of our design and project management work resulted in:

    » The creation of one of the largest virtual Arabic libraries, which includes 4,300 books, 2,000 periodicals, 700 book reviews, 15,000 biographies and seven dictionaries
    » The digitization of the world’s largest Islamic book collection
    » The translation of over 600 books from nine different languages into Arabic, and the publication of close to 50 books by up and coming regional authors
    » Training more than 120,000 teachers
    » Funding 150 scholarships in the Arab World and abroad
    • Managed a health awareness program that exposed 600 children and 1,700 parents to the benefits of consuming dairy products. The initiative received country wide media coverage, was nationalized by the government, and contributed to an 8% increase in annual consumption of dairy products