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Our Thinking

How Skills Surveys Can More Effectively Identify Workforce Skills Gaps
Through a multicountry review of skills surveys, we propose an alternative approach to establishment skills surveys that can play a more effective role in determining how workforce skills influence achievement of firm business objectives in the Arab World.
Using Social Networking for Change
We see IT as an important enabler for regional development, and we have worked with global technology leaders such as Intel and Microsoft to deepen the impact of regional development programs leveraging technology.
A Regional Institution for Improving the Quality of Education
There are many opportunities for synergies through cooperation between regional education quality programs as well as clear areas of overlap which can benefit from consolidation.
Using Awards Effectively for Social Change
Many award programs in the region focus on large monetary sums to award best practices. We argue that money is not enough, and award programs should reinforce social change through knowledge diffusion, network building initiatives, and follow on training to maximize social impact.
Increasing Female Labor Market Participation With Scholarships
In several countries in the Arab World, women face significant obstacles to obtaining higher education and entering the workforce. We propose an e-Scholarships for Women Initiative to mitigate access, equality, and labor participation challenges.

Our Values

Our values are a balance between individual, professional, and social commitments and reflect our organizational culture. Our shared values guide our decision-making and shape our professional and personal interactions. For us this means we:

  • Invest in building the capabilities of young leaders committed to improving the Arab World. Given the region’s youthful demographics, we view building organizational and personal capacity to lead the way after our work with clients is finished as critical.

  • Operate ethically through honest communications, respect for others, and a focus on the greater good rather than exclusively commercial interests.

  • Value all opinions to ensure all options are considered, researched, and analyzed carefully before recommendations are made.

  • Deliver practical, implementable solutions, not reports that wind up in a filing cabinet or lost on the intranet.

  • Ground our work in rigorous proven methodologies but ensure they are informed by local insights.

  • Tell it like it is, in direct and straightforward language, while remaining objective and encouraging honest and open debate.

  • Share our independent research with funders, businesses, educational institutions, community organizations, governments, and others through agenda-setting applied research so that we all learn and work together.

  • Forge and promote collaboration in our strategic and program design work to achieve large scale, lasting change.

  • Leverage IT where possible to deepen the social impact of clients.