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How Skills Surveys Can More Effectively Identify Workforce Skills Gaps
Through a multicountry review of skills surveys, we propose an alternative approach to establishment skills surveys that can play a more effective role in determining how workforce skills influence achievement of firm business objectives in the Arab World.
Using Social Networking for Change
We see IT as an important enabler for regional development, and we have worked with global technology leaders such as Intel and Microsoft to deepen the impact of regional development programs leveraging technology.
A Regional Institution for Improving the Quality of Education
There are many opportunities for synergies through cooperation between regional education quality programs as well as clear areas of overlap which can benefit from consolidation.
Using Awards Effectively for Social Change
Many award programs in the region focus on large monetary sums to award best practices. We argue that money is not enough, and award programs should reinforce social change through knowledge diffusion, network building initiatives, and follow on training to maximize social impact.
Increasing Female Labor Market Participation With Scholarships
In several countries in the Arab World, women face significant obstacles to obtaining higher education and entering the workforce. We propose an e-Scholarships for Women Initiative to mitigate access, equality, and labor participation challenges.

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Walid Aradi
Chief Executive Officer
Dubai, UAE
E-mail:  walid.aradi@tahseen.ae

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Contract With the Arab World Program

Through our Contract With the Arab World Program, we extend our focus on the greater good to our communities by offering our services at accessible, preferential rates to select social sector institutions and small and medium sized businesses. Tahseen Consulting provides its consultants at cost while limiting profit and overhead rates to make our services more affordable. Our clients contribute to the partnership by paying what they are able to cover this reduced cost base.

This mutually beneficial partnership model allows smaller organizations to access our services and represents our commitment to the region and the development of social sector institutions. Our Contract with the Arab World Program may also involve reduced rate services in return for marketing rights or other professional service exchanges which would be mutually beneficial to both parties.

If you are a social sector institution or a small and medium-sized businesses interested in participating, please contact Walid Aradi at walid.aradi@tahseen.ae.

Teaming Agreements and Alliances

Tahseen Consulting actively seeks alliances with other firms and social sector institutions. We are particularly interested in opportunities where our technical skills and expertise can be used to complement or diversify those of potential partners to pursue specific government funding opportunities, commercial contracts, or RFPs. For example, it may make sense for an organization to team with Tahseen Consulting to pursue an opportunity in which the partner would focus on program implementation and delivery while Tahseen Consulting would provide technical skills and expertise in program design and monitoring and evaluation. This would provide strategic depth for our partners and allow our clients to deal with one accountable provider to enhance and expedite the delivery of results.

We particularly seek alliances that have a common value proposition, are scalable, and which are complementary to our services. To begin a discussion about entering into an alliance with Tahseen Consulting, please contact Walid Aradi at walid.aradi@tahseen.ae.