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Education and National Skills Systems
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Our Thinking

How Skills Surveys Can More Effectively Identify Workforce Skills Gaps
Through a multicountry review of skills surveys, we propose an alternative approach to establishment skills surveys that can play a more effective role in determining how workforce skills influence achievement of firm business objectives in the Arab World.
Using Social Networking for Change
We see IT as an important enabler for regional development, and we have worked with global technology leaders such as Intel and Microsoft to deepen the impact of regional development programs leveraging technology.
A Regional Institution for Improving the Quality of Education
There are many opportunities for synergies through cooperation between regional education quality programs as well as clear areas of overlap which can benefit from consolidation.
Using Awards Effectively for Social Change
Many award programs in the region focus on large monetary sums to award best practices. We argue that money is not enough, and award programs should reinforce social change through knowledge diffusion, network building initiatives, and follow on training to maximize social impact.
Increasing Female Labor Market Participation With Scholarships
In several countries in the Arab World, women face significant obstacles to obtaining higher education and entering the workforce. We propose an e-Scholarships for Women Initiative to mitigate access, equality, and labor participation challenges.


Walid Aradi
Chief Executive Officer
Dubai, UAE

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  • Many government agencies, social sector organizations, and companies in the region are looking to strategically reduce costs without reducing service quality. We offer a variety of specialized outsourcing services that allow organizations to free up resources for mission critical programs and operations while reducing costs and gaining access to our expertise.

    Our Capabilities

    Survey Assessment Services
    • Survey Planning and questionnaire design

    • Survey deployment

    • Data analysis and interpretation
    Portal and Social Media Management
    • Integrating social collaboration capabilities into strategies, operations, and processes

    • Content curation and development for portals and social media engagement

    • Engaging in communication with your stakeholders to generate positive reactions and impressions
    Scholarship and Grants Management
    • Scholarship tracer surveys

    • Fiscal management

    • Monitoring and Support

    • Setting up and managing grant programs using clear procedures, including soliciting participation, evaluating, and awarding grants
    Conferences and Round Tables
    • Roundtables for peer exchanges and idea generation

    • Conferences for inspiration, expertise, and networking

    • Facilitating working sessions to identify core issues and focus on collaborative solutions

  • Below are a few examples of our recent work:

    • In partnership with a leading technology company and private foundation, conceptualized and managed the creation of a one-stop shop for knowledge creation and the dissemination of information. The portal features various dedicated components such as a communities section that includes blogs and forums, a research center that chronicles and consolidates regional knowledge and international analysis on the Arab World, an incubators resource center for regional entrepreneurs, start-ups and business incubators, a scholarship section for users interested in the scholarship programs offered by the Foundation , as well as a section dedicated to submitting business proposals for startups. The platform led to $2 million in recurring cost synergies due to automation of processes and organizational efficiencies.
    • Provided advisory to develop and implement the Youth Employment Network Marketplace, an online platform for youth employment stakeholders to exchange ideas, resources, and partnership managed by the International Labor Organization, United Nations, and the World Bank
    • Developed and contributed content on regional knowledge-based development and economic and education requirements to the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning’s Developing Capacity for Establishing Lifelong Learning Systems in the Middle East and North Africa initiative which includes senior level education policymakers from Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates
    • Designed and deployed an extensive scholarship tracer study for a regional scholarship program to determine the performance of their graduates and how the program had impacted recipients, institutions, and regional economies. The analysis culminated with conclusions and recommendations for enhancing program effectiveness
    • Conceived and managed the development of a secure web-based grants management system that streamlined the grants management process and enabled a foundation to easily view and manage grantee-entered information. The system allowed grant seekers to enter information about their programs, activities, outcomes, and finances. By helping the organization redirect resources away from grants administration and towards service delivery, the grants management system led to $200,000 in recurring cost savings due to process automation
    • Developed a proprietary ranking tool to assess the compliance of 16 African countries with the United Nations Convention against Corruption, South African Development Protocol against Corruption, and African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption for an emergent African NGO; This tool provided the conceptual basis for a regional report on implementation of anti-corruption policies in Africa
    • On behalf of a non-profit organization, authored a winning proposal for a competitive grant to develop an internet based procurement and sales portal for the agriculture industr