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Admissions consulting services will build on Tahseen Consulting’s education and national skills systems practice, highlighting the importance of accessing quality education to socioeconomic development in the Arab World 

Tahseen Consulting, one of the Arab Region’s fastest growing management and public policy consulting firms, today announced details of its new university admissions and scholarships consulting practice. The practice will counsel national scholarship providers on how to shape large scholarship programs to better meet the needs of national economic development plans and assist Arab students to access elite international universities.

The announcement follows wide recognition of Tahseen Consulting’s work in the field of education and national skills systems by international organizations such as the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization as well as regional think tanks like the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research. Tahseen’s work has shed light on a mismatch between the scholarship programs of countries and companies in the region and national economic ambitions resulting in many students receiving scholarships to attend universities abroad in fields unrelated to the economic trajectory of their home countries.

Tahseen Consulting’s Related Work

Read about Tahseen Consulting’s work on creating national skills formation for knowledge-based development published by the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research

Traditional university admissions consulting has focused solely on helping students be more competitive when it comes to their admissions profile. However, Tahseen Consulting’s new practice will identify economic growth segments in Arab countries and counsel students as well as scholarship providers to target in demand employment fields critical to economic development and the transition towards knowledge-based economy. Tahseen’s research indicates Arab students studying abroad contribute approximately $8 billion per year to other economies. As many Arab students studying abroad are sponsored by their governments, it is important that this money is well spent on students pursuing fields in line with national economic development strategies and return home with sufficient qualifications to work in emergent industries.

“Tahseen Consulting has been a catalyst for change in educational policy in the region. We have always devoted significant resources to developing innovative insights and methodologies to help companies and governments solve some of their toughest educational policy challenges,” said Walid Aradi, Chief Executive Officer of Tahseen Consulting. “According to our research approximately 70% of Arab students studying abroad are in 7 countries which include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia, US, and UK. However, in many cases students are studying in fields which are not necessarily aligned with advancing their home economies towards high skill, innovation driven knowledge-based industries. It is time this problem is addressed.”

Tahseen Consulting’s Related Work

Arab Students Studying Abroad Contribute $77 Billion to Other Economies

The breadth and depth of Tahseen Consulting’s new offerings in university admissions and scholarships programs reflects Tahseen’s extensive experience advising Arab governments on aligning education and training systems with economic development strategies. The work of Tahseen Consulting’s partners, who are among the region’s most accomplished thinkers and doers, has been frequently sought after by regional policy makers in reforming national education and training policies.

Wes Schwalje, Chief Operating Officer of Tahseen Consulting said, “We know that students, parents, and policy makers are looking for practical guidance on what fields students should be focused on and how to develop national workforces to ensure economic development. This is why we have made a commitment to establishing this new practice. As a result, we will help scholarship providers and companies to develop scholarship program strategies and monitor their scholarship programs to increase alignment with labor market and future workforce requirements. We also hope to support students and their families throughout the university application process to ensure admissions to selective universities globally in key growth disciplines.”

Officially being launched publicly today, Tahseen’s new practice will host a series of learning events across the region that will feature insights from prominent thinkers in the fields of university admissions and scholarship program design.

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